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Wool Blankets

Each year after we shear the sheep the wool goes to a mill where it is washed, carded, spun and woven into blankets. The result is a wide selection of beautiful soft blankets in a variety of colours and sizes. Solids, tweeds and naturals are available. Please contact us before ordering to confirm colours.   

Lap / Crib (appx 74" x 32 ")  


Twin (appx. 60" x 90") 


Double (appx. 78" x 90")


Queen (appx. 78" x 104") 


King ( appx 90" x 118") 


A Maritime product with a durable blanket stitch edging.

Wool blanket

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and
are exclusive of sales tax and shipping.

Nova Scotia Tartan Pure Wool Throw

These Pure wool throws are wonderfully soft and beautiful with a twisted fringe edging.

Ideal for a chesterfield throw or as a picnic blanket.

A wonderful remembrance of Canada's Ocean Playground province. 

Approximate size 60" x 70"  
Price: $120.00 

Nova Scotia tartan pure wool blanket

Wool Comforters

The natural way to keep you warm. These comforters keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Just ask any sheep! Pure wool breathes and keeps moisture away from your body preventing chills.

Our comforters are made with pure washed wool that has been carded into large batts. The quilts are then assembled between cotton fabric and sewn to prevent movement or bunching. It is recommended that you put a cover on a comforter for easy care.




Single / Twin












Comforters filled with pure washed wool.

Baby comforters have a flannelette cover that can be removed easily for washing:





Comforters for the crib or cot to keep baby warm.

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and
are exclusive of sales tax and shipping.

Wool Filled Pillow

We also carry bed pillows ~ pure cotton covering filled with a batt of the softest pure wool . . . soft yet supportive. The natural resilience of the wool fiber will allow the pillow to retain its springiness. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for a fresh dry pillow in which irritants such as dust mites can’t thrive.

King size

$86.00 each

Queen Size

$72.00 each

Standard size  

$68.00 each

wool filled pillow


Wool Filled Mattress Covers

Enjoy a better nights sleep "naturally" ~ on an airy cloud of wool. Construction is very similar to the wool comforters, as above, except the covers are mattress top sizes with elastic securing the pad to your bed mattress.

Irritants such as dust mites and mildew cannot thrive in the dry, fresh environment of wool bedding.













Mattress cover filled with wool

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and
are exclusive of sales tax and shipping.

Stadium Seat Cushion

This is a must-have for anyone putting in hours on cold bleacher seats at the hockey rink.

Made from pure wool blanket cloth with a waterproof backing and filled with pure washed wool. What could be warmer or more comfortable?

With easy carry handles, the cushion folds for easy carrying. Other great uses for this cushion include a garden kneeling pad, car cushion and a pet bed.

Available in an assortment of colours as well as Nova Scotia tartan. 

Approximate size 18" x 22" 
              $50 each

Rink seat / stadium cushions
Keeping warm with a stadium cushion


Wool Batts

Make your own wool filled comforter. Batts are appx.64"x96".

Weights recommended are:







The batt weights vary - ranging from 1lb 3oz to 1lb 14 oz. each. 

$29.00 per pound

Wool batts

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and
are exclusive of sales tax and shipping.


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All prices are in Canadian dollars, and are exclusive of sales tax and shipping. 


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